The international trade mark „Od Smutne ricky“ was registered on 29th October 1993. The name is derived from the stream Smutna. The stream springs nearby Chysky. This stream is water patry in Chobot pond in Sepekov, flows through Bechyne and under the castle – the main residence of the famous nobleman Petr Vok of Rozmberk which lived at the end of the 16th century – flows into the river Luznice.

In the beginning of my career as dog breeder I started to breed bassethounds. I had my first litter in 1995 and four followed. As I’ve used to participate in hunts as a whipper, soon I had to look for a different breed because it came out that bassethounds are absolutely unsuitable for this purpose. At that time there were many breeders in the Czech Republic who were breeding too heavy and clumsy bassets. They took more care for shows than for the health of the breed. That was the reason why I decided to stop breeding bassethounds. In addition, the dogs did not bark enough when tracking and had problems with spine and joints because of their heavy built.

My first dog ever was Gordon Setter, which I bought in 1964. It was a female dog – Tosca of Penne. Then I bred Weimaraners. Pointers were very attractive to me, especially Hungarian pointers (Magyar Vizsla). I decided to buy several puppies of wire-haired and short-haired varieties from renowned kennels in Slovakia and Hungary. I chose the best ones for breeding. Soon I received show titles and had success on hunting trials. My kennel began to succeed.

Castle in Bechyne

In 1997 I bought in France a bitch of an Auvergne Pointer - Nessie des Gorges de Franchard. She was very beautiful and an excellent working dog, a typical representative of the breed with an uncommon coal color. She fell ill after one and half years with a thyroid gland. She was healed by profesor Svoboda. I went with her on regular examinations, but the profesor did not give me a great chance to use her for breeding at that time. I gave her to my friends upon the condition that they would regulary visit profesor Svoboda and take good care for her. In the beginning of 2003 I got to know that Nessie was completely healthy and that was possible to mate her. After consulting professor Svoboda about her health condition, I found for her an excellent partner and on 30th of September 2003 I had my first litter of Auvergne Pointers. Two bitches from this litter stayed at home – Gora and Gama. The same year I bought Axa and Ambra from Czech kennels. Axa tragically died, so I had three bitches and male Vizir that I bought in France in 2004. In 2006 I bought the next male - Brigand, also imported from France.

My friend Petr Hofman bought in 1999 in France a bitch of a Small Blue Gascogny Hound - Parisienne du Grand Veilly. In 2002 he mated her with Samir. He also bought a male dog (Small Blue Gascogny Hound) - Titus. Petr Hofman gave me three puppies from litter „A“ from Beckov of the first litter Small Blue Gascnonies in Czech Republic for training. We planned to create a first-rate working pack of Gascogny Hounds. However, the dogs from litter A did not realize my expectations of hounds for hunting wildlife. They were not vehement enough hunting and soon tired. I decided to exclude these dogs from training. Later we realized that Parisienne had heavy dysplasia of hip joints. If I wanted to turn to Gascogny Hounds I had to start from the beginning. In spring 2006 I bought a puppy – male Voltaire des Hauts Plateaux de Cezalier and the same year in autumn the grown-up male Teddy. Teddy used to hunt in one of the best packs of Gascogny Hounds in France which specialize in hunting of wildlife. I met the owner of the pack Mr. Eduard Dias several times and received much advice and information from him how to train, how to hunt and how to decide which dog to include in my breeding programme. I bought bitch Aby from him. These dogs finally met my demands for the work of wildlife hunting. Trio - Teddy, Voltaire and Abby - completed the fourth dog named Car of Beckov, Teddys son.

I’ve never been and I never will be a hard trainer who trained many dogs with titles. Although I passed a lot of examinations with my dogs I am sure that only tests of performance and intensive using in practice prove the qualities of the dog. I am not a „collector“ of show titles. Although my dogs have show successes and even champion titles this is not a priority for me. Neither does it have any influence on my breeding programme. Decisive is the health of a dog. Each of my dogs is checked for DKK and RTK. Dogs have to hunt a whole day even in hard conditions without tiring. This, of course, depends mainly on keeping them in a good physical condition and providing first-rate food. Psychical health is important as well. Dogs must not be shy, fearful or agressive. They must not be afraid of shooting and they have to have enough nerve to endure the intensity of the training without any problems. They have to endure long trips in the car to shows and trials, the change of surroundings, unknown people and noise. Appearance is important only after accomplishing all above written conditions. I breed dogs that I like. I breed dogs with an excellent character, appereance and gifts. From my point of view they have to be beautiful, gentle and intelligent, good companions and not difficult tu educate. Auvergne Pointers and Small Blue Gascogny Hounds meet all my demands. However, more than their efficiency mean their happiness to me. And I try, I hope succesfully, to ensure it for them.

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